Camera Equipment For Sale

Michael Strickland is a reputable seller, with years of experience buying and selling camera equipment. He has a vast knowledge of both modern digital equipment and film equipment and guarantees accurate descriptions, fair prices, and high quality pieces. Interested in selling? Contact Michael for more information.


Fujifilm GSW690III

This camera is essentially brand new, with a shutter count of only 45. Original packaging included in collector condition. Camera has the original lens cap, the Fuji soft case, strap, (Japanese) instructions, warranty card, and box. Glass is perfect on the lens, the shutter accurate, focus is right on. 

Camera is available for $900


Nikkor T ED 500mm f/11

This telephoto large format lens is a stellar performer and has has been used by some of the most well-known nature photographers, such as Jack Dykinga and David Muench. This particular lens is in "like new / mint" condition and comes with the original lens caps and the original box. It also has an image circle of 210mm, making it a fantastic telephoto lens for 4x5 work. 

Lens available for $850