Michael Strickland was born in the Great Plains of Western Kansas, where the wide open landscape inspired him to pick up the camera late in his teens. Art always played a large part of Michael’s life. He graduated high school from Interlochen Arts Academy and studied jazz in New York City before settling down and getting his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Kansas. Being a mechanical engineer by trade, the technical aspect of digital photography came second nature to Michael and soon he desired more. A few years into his career as a landscape photographer, he fully immersed himself into the analog world. He now exclusively works with an 8x10 large format camera, a medium format 6x7 and 6x17 panoramic camera.

Michael’s colorful, limited edition landscape photographs have been collected by individuals worldwide and has work hanging in the offices of some of the nation’s most prestigious art collectors. He prides himself on controlling the outcome of his work from concept to delivery. His work on 8x10 film has allowed him to create finely detailed images that resolve finer than any digital system to this day. The meticulous process of large format produces a well-planned, carefully crafted image that can take years to perfect.

Michael now resides in his home state of Kansas, where he has the incredible opportunity to photograph the beautiful prairie of the Great Plains. He enjoys photographing and exploring areas close to his home to study the light carefully and understand the landscape on more of an intimate level. Though he enjoys traveling to exotic locations with camera in tow, Michael is always finding his way home to explore the places he knows and loves. Whether he’s on the cliffs of Big Sur, in the backcountry of Yosemite, or on the plains of western Kansas, Michael will always love the landscape he calls his home.

Michael works exclusively with medium and large format cameras to create his images.

Gallery Representation and Exhibitions

  • Aina Imagery - Honolulu, HI

  • 2010 Gallery - Kansas City, MO

  • "Visions of the Flint Hills - 2016," Buttonwood Art Space - Kansas City, MO


  • Landscape Photography Magazine

  • Kansas! Magazine

  • Kansas University Alumni Magazine

  • MWM

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