The collections of images below are each bodies of my work, compiled of years of photographing around the world. Each image has been originally exposed on medium or large format film, drum scanned, and will be printed to archival standards.

Sculpted Earth

Desert Landscapes

The desert landscape is one that fascinates me and is the major source of inspiration for my work. This collection includes work created in the Colorado Plateau, the Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park and parts of New Mexico. These seemingly barren, harsh deserts produces powerful and meaningful images unlike any other landscapes in the world.


Canyon Light

From the depths of the Grand Canyon, to the slot canyons of Grand Staircase Escalante and Zion National park, there is something truly special about light inside a deep canyon. This collection of images has been compiled from years of exploring the west and searching for that special light only found in canyon country.


Antarctica - The White Desert

Sailing to Antarctica and crossing the dreaded Drake Passage, you feel like Ernst Shackleton himself. Antarctica is a magical place, that only after visiting can you begin to truly appreciate how magnificent it truly is. With towering mountains punching right out of the seas, to glaciers larger than the mind can fathom, to an abundant display of wildlife, and ice bluer than you can paint, Antarctica has never, and will never disappoint.


Intimate Landscapes

This may perhaps be my favorite collection of images. The intimate landscape is perhaps the most illusive image for me. Most of these scenes lie on the forest floor, in a rock, or hiding in the next canyon. These images are generally on a smaller scale, sometimes abstract, and are a joy to compose on large format film.

Evening in the Winds

Mountain Landscapes

Mountains are the epitome of the backcountry adventure, and one that I crave every year. This collection of images is from my backcountry adventures in the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and into Canada.



It’s always fascinated me how something as simple as a tree can be so powerful in a photograph. Wherever I go, I am always on the hunt for that perfect single tree, or grouping of trees. Their patterns, textures, and colors are all absolutely unique, and they are a joy to photograph. This is a collection of images encompassing the world, wherever trees may grow.


The Heartland

I was born and raised in the heartland, and it is where I learned to see as a photographer. The heartland consists of wide open vistas, vibrant sunrises and sunset, and a very apparent human element that is very unique. While I now travel worldwide photographing the landscape, there is always a piece of me that will always feel the heartland is my photographic home.

Pacific Valley-Edit.jpg


In 2015, I moved from eastern Kansas to the central coast of California. While living on the coast, I began a love affair with the pacific ocean. Nearly every day after work, I would venture up the coast to the famous Big Sur coastline or to my nearest beach to catch sunset. Throughout the two years I lived there, I put nearly 60,000 miles on my car exploring Highway 1 and its surrounding landscapes. While I no longer live on the Central Coast, I occasionally find myself back on my old stomping grounds, ankle deep in sand and dodging waves.


Platinum Palladium Prints

Platinum-palladium prints are unparalleled by any modern printing technique, both in appearance and performance. These prints are favored by art collectors due to their longevity and appearance. The tonal range of platinum palladium prints are unmatched, even by modern digital inkjet printers. The final color tonality can range from warm black, to reddish brown, with a range of grays in the midtones. Pure platinum (platinotype) prints tend to have a higher contrast and cooler tones, while pure palladium (palladiotype) prints can tend to have warmer appearance with deeper blacks and softer highlights. The mixture of platinum and palladium can create a balance between the two appearances and tonalities, which is applicable to some images. Platinum and palladium prints are the most durable of all photographic processes. The platinum (and sister element palladium) element is incredibly stable against chemical reactions that may degrade the print, and is even more stable than gold. This collection of prints is exclusively limited to 12 total editions, all of which are handmade and hand printed in my home studio and darkroom. More information on the process can be found here.