Whether you're a novice or experienced photographer, whether you are a film, digital or alternative process photographer, whether you choose to work in color or monochrome, working alongside Michael will be an invaluable experience. All aspects of photography is based on a trained observation of light and photography, at its roots, is capturing light to tell a story and evoke an emotional response. Capturing these moments relies on the bond between you and the subject matter. It relies on your creativity in transforming the scene in front of your camera to the final photograph you hang on your wall. Michael emphasizes this in each of his workshops, catered to each individual's needs. He can lead you from developing a composition, provide you the technical knowledge to create a proper exposure, develop the exposure either in the analog or digital darkroom, and prepare each photograph for the final print. He will provide all the technical information and support you can ask for in both digital and traditional film processes, while always connecting it to the artistic, expressive and creative aspects of photography.

Michael will lead you to rich photographic destinations. Michael believes in a lifetime of learning and although the individual instruction may end after a few days, Michael's door is always open for questions and to assist you in developing your own unique photographic vision. 

The workshops are intense, going from early morning to late night each and every day, but they're also filled with great fun. At the end you'll be tired but exhilarated, you will have learned a tremendous amount, and you will have enjoyed every moment of it.

You’ll encounter deeply incisive photographic reviews of all student work, with the goal of taking you to a higher level technically, artistically, and creatively. This cannot be accomplished without genuine enthusiasm, and you’ll find an abundance of it on all workshops. 

If you're interested in photographic instruction from Michael, check out the links below for more information on group workshops he is leading. If you have any questions or would like private instruction, feel free to contact Michael.

Michael also provides portfolio reviews. If you’re interested in a comprehensive portfolio review of 10 of your images, click here.